HPP Success Story

Homelessness Prevention Program - A Success Story


One recent success story from our Homelessness Prevention Program (HPP) involves a client named Abeba** and her two young daughters. Abeba was a victim of domestic violence and applied for Emergency Federal and State Housing with the assistance of HPP Advocates. Somerville Housing Authority (SHA) stated that there was not enough hard evidence of her domestic violence situation and she was denied Emergency Housing. Abeba and her young daughters continued homeless. CAAS’ HPP Advocates were able to find a lawyer to take her case. They worked together to gather more evidence like supporting letters from her friends and family detailing the history of her abuse. On the hearing date, SHA overturned the original denial and Abeba and her daughters were approved for Emergency Housing. Abeba and her daughters are now in a local shelter and within the next few months will move into public housing in Somerville. Abeba learned about the HPP program because her child is in the Head Start program and she knew she could count on CAAS for help. **names have been changed to respect our client’s confidentiality

Kate Berliner