Head Start is a comprehensive developmental preschool program that provides a variety of wrap-around services to approximately 275 low-income children and their families each year. Head Start supports the learning and development of children ages three to five in classrooms located throughout Somerville and Cambridge.



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Head Start accepts applications on a rolling basis. If you believe your family would benefit from Head Start enrollment, please contact us today. We accept families from both Somerville and Cambridge.
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Why Head Start
Head Start Works, and it's about to get even better. The new Head Start Performance Standards mean big changes for an already impactful program. ➤ Read more

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Classroom Collaborations
Head Start programs collaborate with both Somerville and Cambridge Public Schools.
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More about Head Start

Additional information from the Head Start Family Handbook:


Classroom Information and Policies

Disabilities and Mental Health

Family Engagement

Health and Safety

Family Handbook