CAAS plays a central role in the community by working with other agencies and organizations in Somerville to coordinate programming and services. At CAAS, we offer two major programs: Head Start and the Homelessness Prevention Program of Somerville. Both programs are administered at the CAAS main office, 66-70 Union Square in Somerville. For directions to the CAAS office or to its Head Start classrooms in Somerville and Cambridge, please see the Contact page.

The Head Start Program is a comprehensive developmental pre-school program that provides education, health, nutrition, special needs, and social services to more than 350 three-to-five-year-old Somerville and Cambridge children and their families. CAAS Head Start provides disability services for at least 36 children and their families. The program offers:

  • Head Start services 4-1/2 hours per day, five days a week during the school year for 315 children and families in Somerville and Cambridge.
  • Full-day services, five days a week during the school year, for 20 families in Somerville.
  • Full-day, full-year services for 20 families in Cambridge.

We provide a variety of services in the areas of Child Development, Health, Dental Health, Nutrition, Mental Health, Substance Use/Abuse, Literacy, Family Partnerships, Community Partnerships, Disability Services, Inter-Generational Services, and Male Involvement. Follow the link for more information about the program and how you can enroll your children.

The Homelessness Prevention Program of Somerville (HPP) helps eligible* clients residing in public, subsidized, and private housing by:

  • Educating tenants about their legal rights
  • Navigating summary process and termination notices
  • Mediating and negotiating with landlords, local housing authorities and resolve benefit disputes
  • Aiding clients applying for subsidized housing
  • Advocating for clients facing utility shutoffs and other utility-related issues
  • Collaborating with community partners and government agencies, such as the City of Somerville
  • Partnering with the Cambridge and Somerville Welfare and Housing Coalition
  • Helping clients to get access to benefits (e.g. SNAP, TAFDC, MassHealth, Social Security, RIDE)

*Somerville residents who receive an income up to 125% of the federal poverty level. Please contact us to verify your eligibility.

How do I get help from CAAS?
  • Are you low-income?
  • Do you live in Somerville (or do you live in Cambridge and want Head Start services)?
  • Could you use any of the help listed here?
Then call CAAS at (617) 623-7370, or email