CAAS plays a central role in the community by working with other agencies and organizations in Somerville to coordinate programming and services. At CAAS, we offer two major programs: Head Start and the Homelessness Prevention Program of Somerville. Both programs are administered at the CAAS main office, 66-70 Union Square in Somerville. For directions to the CAAS office or to its Head Start classrooms in Somerville and Cambridge, please see the Contact page.


Head Start

The Head Start Program is a comprehensive developmental pre-school program that provides education, health, nutrition, special needs, and social services to more than 350 three-to-five-year-old Somerville and Cambridge children and their families. CAAS Head Start provides disability services for at least 36 children and their families. The program offers:

  • Head Start services 4-1/2 hours per day, five days a week during the school year for 315 children and families in Somerville and Cambridge.
  • Full-day services, five days a week during the school year, for 20 families in Somerville.
  • Full-day, full-year services for 20 families in Cambridge.

We provide a variety of services in the areas of Child Development, Health, Dental Health, Nutrition, Mental Health, Substance Use/Abuse, Literacy, Family Partnerships, Community Partnerships, Disability Services, Inter-Generational Services, and Male Involvement. Follow the link for more information about the program and how you can enroll your children.


Homelessness Prevention Program

The Homelessness Prevention Program of Somerville (HPP) helps eligible* clients residing in public, subsidized, and private housing by:

  • Educating tenants about their legal rights
  • Navigating summary process and termination notices
  • Mediating and negotiating with landlords, local housing authorities and resolve benefit disputes
  • Aiding clients applying for subsidized housing
  • Advocating for clients facing utility shutoffs and other utility-related issues
  • Collaborating with community partners and government agencies, such as the City of Somerville
  • Partnering with the Cambridge and Somerville Welfare and Housing Coalition
  • Helping clients to get access to benefits (e.g. SNAP, TAFDC, MassHealth, Social Security, RIDE)

Somerville residents who receive an income up to 125% of the federal poverty level. Please contact us to verify your eligibility.


How do I get help from CAAS?

  • Are you low-income?
  • Do you live in Somerville (or do you live in Cambridge and want Head Start services)?
  • Could you use any of the help listed here?

Then call CAAS at (617) 623-7370, or email