Head Start

What is Head Start?

CAAS Head Start is a free pre-school program that supports the learning and development of children from ages 3 to 5 in classrooms located throughout the cities of Somerville and Cambridge with full and part-day options.  CAAS Head Start promotes the school readiness of young children.

CAAS Head Start provides comprehensive services for children and families and follows the National Head Start Program Performance Standards.  Head Start is a free program for all income eligible families with priority enrollment for children in foster care, children with disabilities, and children whose families are homeless.

Early Learning

Children achieve success through individualized instruction, hands on experiences, art and music, nurturing relationships with teachers, and guided play.  They learn and grow across the five domains of school readiness:

1) Language and Early Literacy

2) Mathematics and Scientific Reasoning

3) Approaches to Learning

4) Physical Development

5) Social and Emotional Development 


Children receive free nutritious meals, health and developmental screenings, mental health support, and health and safety education.  Head Start connects families with medical, dental, and mental health services, and ensures that children are receiving the services they need.

Family Engagement

Parents and families are supported in achieving their own goals including: community connections, adult-child relationships that support success, families as advocates, family well-being and families as lifelong learners. 


Am I eligible for Head Start?

How to Enroll!

Head Start accepts applications for 3 and 4-year-olds all year long. If your family income falls below 130% of the poverty guideline, or if you believe your family would benefit from Head Start enrollment, please visit our main office at 66-70 Union Square in Somerville. 

We accept families from both Somerville and Cambridge.

Please bring the following documents to complete an application:

Þ Proof of Age (passport, birth certificate, etc.)

Þ Proof of Income (Tax form, one month of pay stubs, DTA letter, etc.)

Þ Proof of Residency (any bill that has been mailed to you)

Þ Child’s Health Insurance Card

If you need any assistance obtaining any of the above documents or require further information, please contact  CAAS at (617) 623-7370 or info@caasomerville.org


CAAS Head Start Services

· Early learning

· Full day and part day options

· Screenings and follow-up for health, development and behavior

· Health and safety education

· Social and emotional development

· Nutrition

· Family goal-setting

· Social services

· Transition to kindergarten services

· Services for children with disabilities


Between Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 Head Start kids demonstrated:

- 14% increase in ability to solve social problems

- 17% increase in use of books

- 19% increase in counting skills

- 16% increase in demonstrating independence