We have served thousands of Somerville residents only because of our community's action and support of fellow families.

Thanks to the time and contributions of our generous volunteers and supporters, we have served thousands of Somerville residents since CAAS was established in 1981.


There are many ways to help raise money for CAAS' Head Start and Homelessness Prevention Programs. You can spend time helping out at the CAAS office in Union Square, volunteer to help with an event, or host a House Party or other event. Examples of volunteer tasks include:

  • Grant research
  • Event staffing
  • Filing/organizing/shredding
  • Marketing/advertising/graphic design
  • Photography/video
  • Social media
  • Newsletter writing/blogging
  • Website design/maintenance
  • Appeal mailing

CAAS welcomes volunteers of all skills. If you are interested in volunteering, please enter your information below and we will reach out to you. As a note, CAAS requires that staff and volunteers submit to a CORI request.