CAAS Website Redesign - Request for Proposals!

CAAS Website Redesign RFP

Responses due by July 1st, 2017.

Intro / Project Overview —

Community Action Agency of Somerville (CAAS) is looking for assistance in redesigning its website. We have a basic skeletal website now, hosted on Squarespace. We would like our new website to be hosted on Wordpress.Additionally, we would like to improve the access and ease of use of the website. We anticipate that much of the content will remain the same.However, we will look to make visual and navigational improvements. We would like to have this new website up and running by a date to be negotiated, but as soon as reasonably feasible.

Company Overview —

Community Action Agency of Somerville (CAAS) is the local federally designated anti-poverty organization. We are a Community Action Agency and belong to the national Community Action Network. The mission of the Community Action Agency of Somerville (CAAS) is to reduce poverty among local families and individuals while working to counteract - and whenever possible, eliminate - the societal conditions that cause and perpetuate poverty.

CAAS has three major programs: Head Start, Homelessness Prevention (HPP), and Community Outreach. Head Start is a comprehensive developmental preschool program that provides a variety of services to approximately 250 low-income children and their families each year in Somerville and Cambridge. HPP provides a wide range of services to over 375 low-income Somerville residents at risk of homelessness each year. Community Outreach engages CAAS families in collectively pushing for social change through anti-poverty, issue-based campaign work that shifts public policy in Somerville.

Your Audience —

CAAS has 4 general audiences for the website:

  • Donors and funders looking to get more information about our work and ways to give.
  • Potential volunteers and community members looking to get involved with CAAS through giving or volunteering
  • Clients looking for information about enrolling in Head Start, Head Start activities, or Homelessness Prevention help who are in crisis mode.
  • Partner organizations looking for program details or contact information to refer clients to CAAS.

New Website Objectives —

The primary objectives of the new website are:

  • Provide information about who CAAS is in general and what services we offer
  • Attract new donors and volunteers and make it easy for them to give or sign up
  • Ease of making updates and adding content and new pages
  • Ease of navigation and responsive on cellphones, tablets, and desktops
  • Clean and clear navigation and design

Current Website —

At this point in time our website is not easy to navigate. The design feels clunky and messy and is not generally intuitive. We would like the architecture redesigned in a way that flows and links pages in a way that makes more sense for users. We would also like to implement a much cleaner design with fonts and colors that are very bold and easy to read. Currently, the page names listed in the menu don’t accurately describe the nested pages within them.

New Website Functionality Requirements —

We would like 2 clicks for people to be able to donate, volunteer, enroll in Head Start, or request more information in general. We want the website to function as easily for clients as for volunteers and donors. We also want people to know exactly what CAAS does based on the homepage without having to click any further. We require hosting with an SSL certificate.

Ecommerce Details —

We currently accept donations through Paypal and hope to greatly increase this traffic in the near future. We are open to using Stripe or another payment gateway. We would like to optimize the donation page for one time donations and for monthly giving.

The donations page requirements :

  • Ideally a multi-page form similar to to
  • The form should include recurring donations with the amount customized by user, recurring donations with a suggested donation, or a one time donation

Budget Details —

CAAS has a strict bidding process for new projects and must collect several competitive bids before a budget can be determined. Please submit your projects costs and fees for this website redesign broken down by service. Please include the following costs:

Website development and design in Wordpress (inclusive of initial project planning and consultation with CAAS staff). This should be a one-time fee.

Website Management (general ongoing website maintenance and upkeep; troubleshooting when needed). This should be included as an hourly rate.

Please include any additional foreseeable expenses.

Proposal Requirements —

Please include the following:

  • Fee outline and details
  • Experience and examples (links to previous work or portfolios)
  • 2 professional references who have hired you for similar projects in the past
  • Sample contract for consulting with businesses on a project

RFP & Project Timeline Details —

Our Executive Director and our Board of Directors will need to approve the final website and other major changes. The CAAS Board of Directors meets generally monthly; upcoming dates are June 27, August 22nd and September 26th. CAAS will try to be in touch with responses within 72 hours of each inquiry. We plan to select a final vendor for our website redesign by August 1st, 2017. RFP Responses due by July 1st, 2017.

Communications -

Communications regarding the website will go through Kate Berliner, Development and Communications Associate at CAAS. She can be reached at (617) 623-7370 x168 or by email at